Janey’s imagination has always been captured by the thought of visiting faraway places and learning, fueled by her curiosity about what exists beyond her own immediate world and her thirst for adventure.

As part of her studies in French and Business at the University of Middlesex, London Janey spent a year working and studying in Paris…. the start of her journey to discover different cultures through language, art, food, politics, music and mindset, going on to travel and work in many diverse communities, cities, and countries around the world including living in the Aboriginal community of Western Australia, discovering India through its extensive network of train journeys, and spending time in the Middle East to promote conversations for peace. Through these diverse experiences, Janey has developed a keen appreciation for the richness of different perspectives, fostering an open and inclusive style of working.

Known for her love and understanding of people, her creative thinking, and her ability to translate ideas into reality, Janey has worked with inspiring and influential business leaders globally to build kinder and more sustainable ways of leading for the future of humanity and health of the planet.

Originally from the UK, Janey moved from London 14 years ago and set up home in New York City…..the city that never sleeps.