Effective Leadership in Today’s World

There has never been a better and more critical time to invest in free-thinking, creative and experimental human-centric conversations and learning & development activities to address some of the world’s greatest challenges never been faced before.

Just as the Japanese concept of Ma 間 – “where the sun 日 peeps through the door 門 “- teaches, Leadership requires taking the time and space to step back, think, and see things from the whole perspective. This not only leads to growth and progress as individuals, but also reminds us that our actions play a vital role in shaping a shared world. It’s all too easy to become swept up in daily distractions that take us off course, preventing us from truly thinking for ourselves or leading us to only think about ourselves. All life begins with the same void of meaning, and everyone has the power to create and shape their own experience with lasting purpose.

Janey Hughes is a multi-disciplined business choreographer working with global cross-sector company Founders, C-Suite Leaders and their Leadership Teams committed to creating new and sustainable ways of thinking, working, and leading in pursuit of a more equitable and meaningful world.

Through company Off-sites, Retreats, Meeting facilitations, Mediation work, and individual Executive Coaching, Janey works to develop and support Leaders to think creatively and align on new organization cultures and definitions for pathways to success, tapping into the imagination and transcending the limits of what’s been seen to be possible to date.